Daily Caller Publishes Sexist Cartoon Attacking Meghan McCain

The Daily Caller published a sexist cartoon attacking Meghan McCain in response to reports that McCain will soon be hosting her own television show.  Jim Treacher, the nom de plume of Daily Caller contributor Sean Medlock, used the cartoon as a vehicle to claim that Meghan McCain's physical appearance is “the only reason anybody ever pays attention to her.”

The March 28 column, titled, “Meghan McCain to host TV show that will require her to talk,” featured a cartoon using a photograph of McCain with speech bubbles emerging from McCain's breasts. The cartoon, which was published at Treacher/Medlock's personal website in 2009, appears to be his creation. 

Due to the offensive nature of the cartoon, Media Matters has not republished it. The sexist content of the image, originally described by Treacher/Medlock as “a few words from Meghan McCain's funbags,” speaks for itself.

McCain, a self-described conservative, has repeatedly faced attacks -- often sexist -- from right-wing media figures.