The Crazy Person Behind The Daily Caller's Free-Gun Giveaway

The Daily Caller wants to give you a free gun. A free gun with the Bill of Rights inscribed on the slide, presumably so that not all of your patriotism has to go downrange.

These weapons are made by Jim Pontillo, the owner of FMK Firearms. In addition to making guns, Pontillo moonlights as a lunatic conservative writer. We pointed out yesterday that he's written a smattering of columns for Human Events, one of which extolled the patriotic ardor of modern-day secessionists. And it turns out that, until recently, Pontillo blogged enthusiastically at his website,

Pontillo's writing bears all the hallmarks of fringe right-wing craziness, to include:

Casual racism:

I am looking forward to [Obama's] inaugural address where the “coolest” “rock-star” Commander-In-Chief we've ever had wows us all by doing a fly-by around the newly repainted “Black House” and lands softly at the podium using nothing but those big ears for the flight.

Carefully considered racism:

As for Obama, I cannot see how he can expect to get any kind of majority among white America when his most fervent supporters hate white America.


Barack Obama will do very nicely for himself as a politician who represents a narrow and prejudiced group, he'll make lots of money and probably enjoy a long life in public service, but he will never be President of the United States; that job requires he represent all Americans, not just the angry black ones.

For president, he's done.

Poorly considered defenses of the Confederacy:

The American character, from the pilgrims on, has been defined by a special reverence for individual independence and individual right. Recalling the Civil War, the slave issue aside, it is natural to understand the Confederate rebellion. A resistance to government power is integral to the American DNA.

Favorable comparisons of Arizona's SB 1070 to the attack on Fort Sumter:

Arizona's SB1070 is a preemptive strike; a warning to a despotic administration that the American people are only going to tolerate a limited amount of assault on their sovereignty, it is a precursor revealing dissatisfaction turning to action.

Whether or not SB1070 is proper or right is really not the point. The question is...

Are Americans beginning to feel as intently in 2010 that its government has unjustly pushed them, as did the Confederate citizens of 1860?

Pontillo has also published some creepily bizarre stuff that transcends mere fringy-ness and is actually pretty alarming. Like his one-act play about the Virginia Tech massacre (written from the point of view of the murder weapon). And his belief that “we should send the U.S. Military down to Mexico, seize their oil fields, and confiscate the proceeds until the Mexican government changes its policy of encouraging their population to come here for work and send money home, all subsidized by American taxpayers.”

This kind of conspiratorial and extremist thought permeates American gun culture, from small-time gun nuts like Pontillo to the highest levels of the NRA, and is enabled by the Daily Caller, which is handing out dangerous weapons just to get a little bump in traffic.

UPDATE: Slate's David Weigel asked Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson about Pontillo's column calling Arizona's SB 1070 “a warning to a despotic administration that the American people are only going to tolerate a limited amount of assault on their sovereignty.” Carlson responded to Weigel, “A little rebellion once in a while isn't a bad thing.”

UPDATE X2: Erik Wemple of the Washington Post contacted the Daily Caller about Pontillo's “racier opinions.” The Caller responded: “All that's germane to the contest is that he's a fully licensed firearms manufacturer. If we were giving away iPads, the political views of Apple would also be irrelevant.”

UPDATE X3: The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence released a statement condemning the Daily Caller for promoting Pontillo, given his “inappropriate and dangerous” commentary: “That Tucker Carlson and the Daily Caller would promote a man like firearms manufacturer Jim Pontillo to their readers is a testament to how far the American Conservative movement has moved to the right in the last several years.”