Fox News host calls head injury to Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa a “conspiracy” being overhyped by “uninformed hysteria and lunatics”

Dagen McDowell: “This is Twitter hysteria. It is uninformed hysteria and lunatics going off in the blue checkmark world”

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Citation From the September 30, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Five 

DAGEN MCDOWELL (CO-HOST): This is Twitter hysteria. It is uninformed hysteria and lunatics going off in the blue checkmark world. 

JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST): It's not anything about Twitter. Everybody in the NFL, everyone on ESPN, former players and agents are saying, "This was horrible." 

MCDOWELL: I will tell you what -- you have to believe that on Sunday, Tua lied, the team lied, the league lied. And --

WATTERS: It doesn't matter what Tua says. It doesn't matter what Tua says. If you see him not able to stand like that, you automatically sit him.

MCDOWELL: You have to believe there's a conspiracy, including the independent concussion protocol doctor who lied about the reason that he was wobbly on Sunday and allowed him back in the game. 


MCDOWELL: I am not excusing what the NFL has done in the past, with a billion dollar concussion settlement. But this is uninformed hysteria by ESPN and by these jerks on -- 

WATTERS: No, you are wrong. It's not uninformed. 

MCDOWELL: Yes it is.

WATTERS: People are really upset with what happened.