Fox News political analyst references Soros-antifa conspiracy theory to baselessly speculate that he could “face some charges”

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Citation From the June 4, 2020, edition of Fox News’ Outnumbered

HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): We see someone making a statement of the microphone now, where we are anticipating that the attorney general will be speaking momentarily.


So, just to revisit, too, if I hadn't mentioned it, who's on the list today. FBI Director Christopher Wray, U.S. Marshals Director Donald W. Washington, and ATF acting Director Regina Lombardo and others. Just knowing that list, we might be able to glean the importance of some of the topics that could come up. I agree with Melissa, we don't have, yet, the blotter for all of this. But just your thoughts, Gianno, on kind of what's going on right now. We saw Rod Rosenstein in the Senate Judiciary Committee, that hearing continuing as they try to get to the bottom of the origins of the Russia probe. You know, just talking about some of the things that could possibly come up.

GIANNO CALDWELL (FOX NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST): Yeah, any number of things that can come up, and I saw some reporting recently where it said that Attorney General Barr was considering unmasking politicians who had been in contact with antifa members — which I think he absolutely should. Jessica says that this group isn't associated with the left. I happen to disagree. It is very much associated with the left. And I think for anybody who may be supportive of antifa's effort, these individuals should be called out, too.

If it's — is it George Soros that's helped fund some of the operations? If it is, and if antifa is declared a domestic terrorism group, would he possibly face some charges because of his association with it? It's any number of things that could absolutely come up with A.G. Barr. But I'm hopeful that he'll have at least have some conversation around George Floyd and what we may expect to see from the Justice Department in that matter.

JESSICA TARLOV (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Well, we've reached the George Soros —


FAULKNER: As we've all been pointing out —

TARLOV: He's the boogeyman —

FAULKNER: OK, Jessica, let me just finish.

TARLOV: Sorry, I was just saying.

FAULKNER: Hold on, we're inside of a two-minute warning right now, and we are waiting for the attorney general, William Barr, to be joined by the FBI Director Christopher Wray and others, as I was telling you about. We're talking about some of the things that are on the agenda, potentially, for him to talk with the nation. We don't see this every day, with William Barr stepping up to the lectern, joined by others, the Justice Department in the focus. And as Melissa [Francis] was pointing out, while we don't know exactly what they will touch on, this is a moment that we are focused on — George Floyd, and what happened to him. And it wasn't too many days ago that our journey began as a nation, talking about all sorts of things that hurt, including race, including brutality, including the protesting being co-opted by those who would turn it violent.