Sean Hannity hyped massive Trump rallies that have been linked to COVID-19 outbreaks

As coronavirus numbers continue to spike nationwide and the United States breaks records for new cases, the Trump White House has made it clear that it has no plans to try and control the spread.

Reporting has suggested that Trump’s campaign rallies may have contributed to community outbreaks in areas where he has held them; the campaign has also repeatedly flouted local officials’ guidelines regarding large crowds during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump campaign events have resulted in coronavirus outbreaks for months on end -- The Associated Press reported that a June rally in Tulsa led to “an outbreak of the virus among staff and Secret Service agents.” Coronavirus cases climbed in Tulsa in the days immediately following the rally. Trump’s June 23 indoor event at a megachurch in Phoenix, Arizona, also failed to enforce face mask usage or social distancing. A separate visit to Arizona by Vice President Mike Pence was delayed after several Secret Service agents who helped organize the trip became ill with COVID-19. 

None of this has stopped Fox's Sean Hannity from breathlessly hyping Trump's rallies:

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