Sean Hannity defends Donald Trump's unhinged outburst at NBC’s Peter Alexander after he asked Trump to comfort the nation

Hannity: “The president is fed up with that behavior”

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Citation From the March 20, 2020, edition of Fox News' Hannity 

SEAN HANNITY (HOST):  More than ever, their non-stop hysteria, their anti-Trump rage, their dishonesty, it's disgusting to watch and they're helping nobody. Except they think themselves, they satisfy the need to scratch the itch they have to bludgeon Trump. Now, this doesn't stop during the president's daily COVID-19 press conferences which are filled with one stupid, insulting, politically charged gotcha question after another. The President had it today, he's fed up with it. Because they're not telling the truth and they're still using it to try and bludgeon him, politically. The president is fed up with that behavior. Here's what went down. Take a look.