Rush Limbaugh's defends Trump's lie about children and COVID-19: “The Trump campaign is exactly right”

Limbaugh pushes a conspiracy theory about the former press secretary for Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA)

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Citation From the August 6, 2020, edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Rush Limbaugh Show

Once again, we have one of the greatest examples of -- this is worse than bias, it's how it's being characterized. Does anyone remember when Mark Zuckerberg, just last week they had the tech head honchos in a virtual Senate hearing over antitrust. They had Tim Cook from Apple there, Zuckerberg was there, Jeff Bezos was there from Amazon Washington Post. You had Sundar Puchai from Google. They were all there.

And anybody remember Zuckerberg telling Congress that Facebook had no desire to be the arbiter of truth? That that's not what they were there to do.


If you don't care to be the arbiter of truth, then why do you ban anybody? And by the way, Mr. Zuckerberg who is your medical doctor that knows everything about hydroxychloroquine sufficiently so that when President Trump talks about it, you can pull down his tweet, or his Facebook post? I mean, Twitter and Facebook both apparently have people on the staff that know more than the doctors who prescribe this stuff and will take down anything somebody says that is in support of hydroxychloroquine.

Well, what this is about, Twitter and Facebook removed posts from Donald Trump, the Donald Trump campaign specifically, that linked to a video from Trump's interview with Fox & Friends yesterday in which he said that kids really don't get coronavirus much, they don't get it severely. So they pulled Trump's tweet down, and his Facebook post, claiming, his campaign's post, because he said when children are almost immune from the disease, they say that Trump posted false information.


The Trump campaign is exactly right when they said that kids are almost immune. And yet Facebook and Twitter pull it down as unsuitable. The Trump campaign post was unsuitable, it was not true, it was unethical, it was dishonest and they couldn't -- and yet Zuckerberg said last week we at Facebook don't want to be the arbiters of truth.


The Twitter employee, are you ready, the Twitter employee who announced why the Trump campaign account was suspended is the former press secretary for Kamala Harris. Yes, my friends. Exactly right.


This is so far beyond bias. This isn't just bias. This is, I don't know. I am having problems conjuring up the words that I want to use today.


Facebook's policy communication manager is an ex-Hillary press secretary. So the Facebook people judging Trump's tweets worked for Hillary's campaign. The Twitter clown judging Trump's campaign worked for Kamala Harris, who is only in the top tier of potential choices for Biden's vice-presidential running mate.

Limbaugh returned to the topic later in the show, falsely claiming that Trump's statements about children and COVID-19 were “not misinformation.”

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