Rush Limbaugh suggests Democratic governors intentionally hurt the economy to “put it back together in their own dream”

Limbaugh complains about COVID-19 shutdown: “Evidence continues to mount that it has not been necessary”

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Citation From the April 20, 2020, edition of Premiere Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): I’m the guy that’s been warning everybody about who the Democrats are, and the modern-day leftists. But I swear, I don’t know how much more of this I can — I don't know how much more I can take of a political party and its governors actually attempting to extend this damage — to prolong the harm that is occurring to average, ordinary people. It is amazing to watch this.

I’m asking myself, do they have no common — what are they going to have left if they succeed with this? Governor Cuomo just said the most incredible thing — and I’ll bet you this is going to be true of Illinois. Governor Cuomo at his briefing, just said that the state budget of New York is totally dependent on what the federal government gives them. Stop and think about that.

And I’ll bet you who’s going to be next in line, is this guy who — you know, I get the mayors and the governors in Illinois confused, because the mayor of Chicago actually runs that state. It's J. B., J. K. Pritzker, whatever, whoever — they’re going to be next, and both of these states have pension plans that are in big trouble, and they’re going to use federal money to bail that stuff out.

But for Cuomo to come along and say that the state budget of — and this guy’s going to run for president? The Democrats think this is their savior nominee? Huh, so he’s sending basically the news that we’re going to need a bailout after all of this. No wonder he’s being so nice to Trump. No wonder he’s being complimentary of Trump. No wonder Trump’s playing these audio sound bites of Cuomo complimenting him, calling Trump phenomenal — it really irritates the drive-bys, by the way.

I, literally, folks, I can’t tell you how this depresses me to watch this. I mean, I know that there are people in this country that don’t like it. And I know that there are people in this country who think capitalism is a mistake and so forth. But if these people succeed, there’s not going to be anything left to govern — which maybe is the objective, put it back together in their own dream.

But we’re heading down a path of utter destruction here, and the evidence continues to mount that it has not been necessary.