Rush Limbaugh: Scientists and experts are using models to take “control of all kinds” in society

Limbaugh: “We're going to be prisoners to these models, because people are going to be the experts, and they can now tinker with them however they want.”

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Citation From the March 30, 2020, edition of Premiere Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Let me tell you one more thing about this modeling business, folks. And this — the fact that this researcher in the U.K. could make a reduction of 50 times in his own model, proves the worthlessness of the model. But that's not the problem.

If you have a model, like this guy Niall [Neil] Ferguson created, that shows 2.2 million deaths in the United States, 500,00 deaths in the U.K., if you do nothing — and then you go make one change, social distancing, and it reduces your number by 50 times, that is extreme sensitivity. That means that the people that run these models can have them say whatever they want to say down the road, and they are experts because they are scientists. They will be able to prove anything based on their modeling assumptions, if they can change them willy-nilly to get a 50 times reduction, or in some cases 50 times worst-case scenario.

We're going to be prisoners to these models, because people are going to be the experts, and they can now tinker with them however they want. This guy is admitting that the input data was random and subjective. He creates a model that shows 2.2 million dead in America, 500,000 dead in the U.K., the media runs with it, the number is out there, you can't take it back. He makes one adjustment to it. What if he put another adjustment? What if he adds shutting down the country for a month? What if that reduces the number of deaths down to 10,000? Why didn't he? He just put in one little change here.

And you — people use models for economic forecasts, and they are experts and we are treated to the data in weekly economic news reported by the drive-by media. You would not believe how much of the news on economics, and weather, and climate, is based on modeling, projections — not actual, real data. For example, in the climate change world, there isn't any evidence yet that any of the projections in the models has yet come true.

Now, you're going to have people tell you that Rush Limbaugh is full of it, saying that. But temperatures are not rising through the roof, sea levels are not rising, we're not losing — none of what they're projecting, the polar bear population, all of the things they've used to scare you and your kids. None of it has yet come true. And they've been predicting this stuff since the 1980s, folks, and they keep revising their projections with their models for another 20 years out, another 30 years out.

They have gotten control of economic agenda, they've gotten control of the manufacturing of automobiles. They have gotten control of all kinds, because of these models that they are using to predict doom and destruction in the climate. Now, they have been given expert status when it comes to health issues, Katie bar the door.