Rush Limbaugh complains about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s interviews: “It’s this kind of stuff that just continues the panic”

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Citation From the July 10, 2020, edition of Premiere Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Dr. Fauci told The Wall Street Journal podcast on Wednesday that states experiencing serious problems with new infections should seriously look at shutting down. No, no. How could anybody suggest — it — it is senseless.

Meanwhile, yesterday, which is Thursday, Dr. Fauci walked that back a little bit — after the market had already safely tanked. In an interview with, Dr. Fauci said the states should pause, rather than shut down completely. Instead of shutting down, Dr. Fauci said, the states should mitigate the problem by closing bars, washing our hands, and wearing masks and social distancing.

So we don’t need to shut down, we just need to pause the reopening process. It’s this kind of stuff that just continues the panic, and the lack of understanding about the nature of this problem and how to deal with it.

Now the CDC is out there saying it would be worse for the kids not to open the schools, than to open (sic) the schools. So you contrast — what are people supposed to do?

Here’s Dr. Fauci, unassailable. “You know, we need to think about locking down again — Uh, uh, uh, no — OK, no, since the market’s tanked, we can just pause the reopening.” And then the CDC comes along and says it’d be safer for the kids to put them in classrooms than to keep them at home.