Rush Limbaugh claims that deaths from COVID-19 are being inflated

Limbaugh: “People die on this planet every day ... Governments are eager, almost, to chalk up as many deaths to coronavirus as they can because then it furthers the policies they have put in place”

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Citation From the April 2, 2020, edition of Premiere Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): We’re now living under government by modeling. That’s the best way that we can describe this. And here are some shocking numbers. In just the last two weeks -- it's shocking, the numbers themselves are shocking. The fact that it’s happened is not shocking because we’ve shut down our economy.

In just the last two weeks, ten million people have lost their jobs. Ten million people, based on unemployment filings, people filing for unemployment compensation. Ten million people have lost their jobs. That means that 10 million people and counting — and that’s not enough. That’s not enough for people like Bill Gates. That’s not enough for people who want to shut down the entire country. They want uniformity. They want every state to be forced to be locked down by the federal government.

The same people who were running around accusing Trump of being a dictator are upset that Trump is not acting in a dictatorial way to satisfy them. Ten million people have lost their ability to feed and take care of their families themselves. And in some cases, to be fed and taken care of. The irony here is that their own government made it illegal for them to work.

Now, folks, don’t misunderstand, look, I’m not trying to stir anything up here. There’s all kinds of people speculating about things out there. I’m just giving you facts. In fact, there’s a great speculative piece today that I came across in the U.K. Spectator by Dr. John Lee. He’s a pathologist, a statistician, he’s a qualified doctor, and he has written a piece, “How Deadly Is The Coronavirus? It’s Still Far From Clear.”

We’ve got massive speculation going on out there. And this guy’s weighed in with his. And his -- he’s got many points here. One of his primary points is how are we reporting coronavirus deaths? In other words, let’s say in any given -- let's use the U.K. Since it’s where Dr. Lee is from. Let’s say 50,000 people a day die in the U.K. anyway. There are methods on the books that are a matter of law for how deaths are reported, not just in the U.K., but here. And he’s concerned that with this new arrival of COVID-19, that coronavirus is being listed as a cause of death for many people who are not dying because of it. They’re dying because of other things. But it’s speculation. It’s fascinating. I’ll share some of it with you.

I mean, I could use this as my daily briefing to the nation. In fact, I think I will use this. I’ll use excerpts of this as my daily brief to the nation. I mean, if they can get up there and daily brief from whatever the modelers are saying here, I can use my own guy and daily brief. So that’s what I will do. At some point during the course of the program, I will use this piece as my daily brief today. Because it’s got some fascinating points. It’s admittedly speculation, but his point, what if we are recording a bunch of deaths to coronavirus which really should not be chalked up to coronavirus? People die on this planet every day from a wide variety of things. But because the coronavirus is out there, got everybody paranoid, governments are eager, almost, to chalk up as many deaths to coronavirus as they can because then it furthers the policies they have put in place by virtue of their models.

So I don’t know when I’m gonna do it. Depends, everything’s spontaneous on this program, folks. I’m a spontaneous person. I don’t plan very much in advance, in my life at all. It frustrates people I work with. Because I just -- you know why I don't? Because I want to leave the option open for something better to come up. Somebody will invite us to dinner two weeks ago away. I’ll wait and tell ’em because I might get a better invitation the next day. I’ve got the optimist gene. I’m always holding out for something better. But if -- why wouldn’t they believe it? I’m telling them. I’m saying it. I plan as little in advance as I can. Legions of people around me, familia and work associates that it frustrates, are legion. I’ve always been that way.

I plan so little in advance I actually don’t even need a calendar. I don’t need a daybook. Anyway, I don’t mean to get sidetracked here.