Ron Paul uses Fox Business appearance to push conspiracy theory about a COVID-19 vaccine and Bill Gates

Ron Paul is, indisputably, a coronavirus conspiracy theorist. He used his latest appearance on Fox Business to push yet another such theory. 

Paul has complained about the “coronavirus hoax” on his website and his Facebook page and about “vaccine tyranny” on his YouTube show. He’s pushed numerous conspiracy theories about masks as well. On June 16, he posted a video asking if a second wave of COVID-19 was “another coronavirus hoax.” On July 13, Paul posted a video suggesting that COVID-19 spikes in the sunbelt were just “a lot of hot air.” He doubled down on the narrative on July 21.

Despite Paul's history, Fox Business’ Stuart Varney hosted him on Monday morning, asking for his opinion on “America's response to the virus so far.” Paul used the opportunity to hint at another coronavirus conspiracy theory, saying it should make viewers “very nervous” that Bill Gates is investing in and talking about the effectiveness of a potential vaccine.

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Citation From the August 3, 2020, edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.

STUART VARNEY (HOST) You are a libertarian. You are a former practicing doctor — I know that, too. What do you make of America's response to the virus so far?

RON PAUL: I think it's sad. I like what Sweden did. You know, everybody wants — in America — wants to jump on Sweden for being these outlandish socialists, but they handled it better. They just ignored it and it ran its course. They had their problems, but they have had no economic consequences, but they didn't have a lockdown. And I think we went in the wrong direction and the people who were objected to it didn't get very much of a hearing. So there's been groups of doctors who have taken a different position — it should be more conservative, hydroxychloroquine should have been able to be used. Instead, astoundingly, something that's been around for 65 years and from my opinion, very safe drug and very effective, was literally taken off the market by the FDA. It makes no sense. It's sort of anti-libertarian. So, I think we went in the wrong direction. I think we're suffering more from it. And that's not to belittle the seriousness of this. It's a very serious thing.

But you know, the fanaticism on now on getting the vaccine I think is going to be a fruitless adventure because all you have to do is listen to Gates and it should make you very nervous. Well, we don't know when we're going to get it but we've already spent $9 billion on this and might need two shots — no, it might need three shots for this to happen. They admit it's only 50% to 60% beneficial. So I would say we're going in the wrong direction and that it's a coronavirus and it's sort of in the field of where the cold viruses are and you don't get good vaccines from this. So it's sad because the people who have done less have gotten a better benefit from it and there's a lot of — a lot people can do for natural immunity and I certainly emphasize that, but I also emphasize freedom of choice in not having certain treatments run down our throat by the government. I don't think the government should be in the practice of medicine. Central economic planning fails in economics; it fails in medicine, too, and I think that's what we are witnessing now. I think the economic consequence of lockdown is way out of proportion to what should have happened.

VARNEY: Agreed on that one. Ron Paul, always a pleasure to have you the show. You have always got an opinion that's sharp-edged and we love it. Ron Paul, thank you for joining us.

Immediately after his Fox Business appearance, Paul was live on his YouTube show Liberty Report, with this episode titled “Vaccine Tyranny - Will You Take Bill Gates Shot?”

Paul has also run a number of advertisements on Fox lately -- including one that aired directly before his appearance on Monday.