Podcaster and influencer Luke Storey is pitching a $14,000-plus “human recharging station” as a coronavirus immunity solution

Luke Storey and a Biocharger

Luke Storey, a podcast host and influencer, has been using the coronavirus pandemic to pitch a variety of products as a way to gain immunity from COVID-19. One of them is a device called the Biocharger, a “human recharging station” that costs over $14,000 and has been marketed by its manufacturer as a way to battle the coronavirus. 

Storey is the host of The Life Stylist Podcast, which claims to showcase “the most thought-provoking interviews with the most prominent experts in the fields of health, spirituality, and personal development.” His media kit states that the podcast is downloaded over 225,000 times per week, and his Instagram account has over 79,000 followers. 

Storey has used his social media platforms to push coronavirus conspiracy theories. Storey promoted his podcast interview with quack author David Wolfe by writing on Facebook and Instagram, “We push the boundaries of group think, and playfully question many commonly held beliefs, particularly around the lack of validity and authenticity of the official story of the current world-wide false flag operation.” In an Instagram post about his interview with coronavirus conspiracy theorist Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, Storey wrote that listeners will learn about, among other things, “the fake hospital reports” and “how this media hoax and propaganda is hurting more people than the actual illness.” Storey has also promoted the false connection between 5G technology and the coronavirus on his podcast. He’s additionally claimed that “there is mounting evidence” to support the conspiracy theory that the coronavirus “could be a man-made bioweapon” 

Like many podcast hosts, Storey receives commission fees from the sale of products that he promotes. During the pandemic, he has frequently pushed various items as a way to prevent or protect against the coronavirus.  

On his website, Storey peddles supposed “Coronavirus Super Sleep + Immunity Biohacks.” Those include “molecular hydrogen tablets,” which he promotes with the falsehood that water can flush the coronavirus into the stomach, where it’s destroyed by acids: 

Bye inflammation! Hello Hydration! You’ve heard by now how important staying hydrated is in order to flush coronavirus from your mouth down to your stomach so the acids can destroy it. The Molecular Hydrogen Tablets help hydrate at the cellular level, reduce inflammation, improve sleeping patterns, support healthy weight management. All extremely important biohacks for staying healthy and protected.

Storey is also a backer of a device called the Biocharger, which costs $14,990. (A discount code for Storey’s followers cuts the price by $500.) Storey claims in his online store that the Biocharger is “the ultimate human recharging station that mimics the energies in nature, and restores vital voltage to our bodies so that we can function at optimum levels. … Using PEMF Rife frequencies and noble gases, the Biocharger literally changes your cells like batteries.” 

On social media, Storey has claimed that the device is “the most powerful, and versatile #PEMF #RIFE #PHOTON #MULTIWAVEOSCILLATOR energy healing device I’ve experienced.” He has also written that it has “amazing immune and detox capacity, as well as nervous system balancing properties that make it one of my top biohacks. I use the various recipes to either calm down, or get energized. It’s like plugging your body into a charger.” 

During a March 27 podcast titled “The Coronavirus Conspiracy & A Spiritual Solution,” Storey promoted the Biocharger as a way to gain coronavirus immunity. After listing several products he’s been using during the pandemic, Storey said: “Another big gun in my immune arsenal is the Biocharger, which has just published a special Wuhan virus recipe in their frequencies menu, which is really cool. I need to upload that onto my device. I have not done so yet but I got an email from them saying that they've put together some anti-viral programming and that you can run that on the Biocharger.” 

On April 24, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration announced that it fined celebrity chef Peter Evans’ company after it “received a number of complaints about the promotion of a 'BioCharger' device that occurred during a Facebook live stream on 9 April 2020. Mr Evans allegedly live streamed on his Facebook page, which has more than 1.4 million followers, claims that the device could be used in relation to ‘Wuhan Coronavirus’ - a claim which has no apparent foundation, and which the TGA takes extremely seriously.” 

On April 10, Advanced Biotechnologies, the company that makes the Biocharger, distanced its product as cure or treatment for the coronavirus. However, the company has specifically promoted on its social media that it has a “Wuhan Assist” recipe. Other businesses have used the same language from Advanced Biotechnologies to promote the “Wuhan Assist” program.

Storey also promoted ozone therapy during his March 27 coronavirus-focused podcast, stating that he’s been doing “daily ozone sessions to minimize the risk of any type of infection dramatically. … I link out to two different, very legit ozone generators in my site store, www.lukestorey.com/store.” The federal government has gone after companies that have been touting ozone therapy as a coronavirus treatment. 

During his May 18 podcast, Storey talked with David Wolfe about the coronavirus and they promoted a “coated silver” product that Wolfe has been selling. Wolfe specifically claimed that his friend “got COVID-19 or whatever the contagion is” and then recovered after he took “10 drops of coated silver, my coated silver.” Wolfe later said that he created a discount code for Storey’s listeners; a show description states: “David also busts some misconceptions about viruses and shares how we can use Coated Silver, combined with a huge helping of medicinal mushrooms, to protect our bodies against viral infections, especially during this time. You can use the code LUKE2020 for 10% off Coated Silver and anything else at shop.davidwolfe.com.” 

Media Matters previously documented that Wolfe has been fraudulently pushing “coated silver” as a coronavirus preventative and treatment. 

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