Passenger from cruise ship where multiple people died of coronavirus tells Fox News that the disease is overhyped

Mark Jorgensen to Neil Cavuto: Coronavirus is not a “scary thing” because my wife and I are not symptomatic

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Citation From the February 29, 2020, edition of Fox News' Cavuto Live

NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): There's been a big concern in this country how we handle cases like yours and your wife's, and we don't know where to put you. That's essentially it. And it could be in far bigger numbers now. Any advice you have on all of this?

MARK JORGENSEN (DIAMOND PRINCESS PASSENGER DIAGNOSED WITH COVID-19): Well, I don't know. I'm not one to advise the experts on this but I personally believe that it's not the scary thing that everyone thinks it is. I am not symptomatic. I, you know, my wife was tested positive without symptoms and is now clear of it. So I would say, you know, maybe we can step back and breathe a little bit but not freak out about all of this.


JORGENSEN: I just look back at things like the bird flu and Zika and all those things that were supposed to wipe out the population and, you know, they weren't the disasters that everyone thought they might be.