As pandemic deaths soar, Fox host calls for a “lockdown rebellion”

Steve Hilton: “We got to really push this now. We can't accept this any longer”

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Citation From the December 6, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton 

TAMMY BRUCE (FOX CONTRIBUTOR): You know, Scott Atlas has been, it's been common sense. It's been what the average American also has been thinking and arguing. It's great that he's a doctor and I'm sure that informs part of his decision-making, but a lot of this is just about life. You know, humanity has been able to function without Democrats micromanaging all of our lives. We do it. And It is because we too are concerned about our families.


This is about, this is not certainly a free society where you will get locked down unless you've given cash to a politician. And then of course all the licensing, all of that exists for a specific like this to where they can shut you down if you do not behave. That is what licensing is about. Her action is this radicalizing of the forgotten man and woman that began and was first seen with Donald Trump's election, and it is continuing, this is this other burst of awareness and will continue the radicalization that will continue this reformation and Trump will still be in front of it. 

STEVE HILTON (HOST): And that's why, Janelle, I really -- I -- you know -- I want to see a lockdown rebellion. I want people, Angela, I want, you know, business owners all over the country, you know, to rise up together.

Where are the voices, you know, where are their kind of trade unions and associations and so on? We got to really push this now. We can't accept this any longer, Janelle.