OAN host agrees with guest that deaths would be “unnoticeable” if America ended quarantines immediately

Host Graham Ledger also dismisses the notion that this is a pandemic, saying 150,000 people die every day anyway

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Citation From the April 17, 2020, episode of One America News Network's The Daily Ledger

GRAHAM LEDGER (HOST): Here are the numbers I've been running now for two months, Barry. These are the numbers -- the chances -- of anyone dying globally.

Now, remember, this is a quote, "pandemic." And there's 145,000 souls lost and those are 145,000 too many, but compared to the population on the planet? Of human beings? You're talking five billion people? 145,000? 150,000 people die every day in the world.

In the United States, 33,000 dead in a country of 330 million people. And then we drill down a little bit because I like to do this. In California, 540 dead in a state of about 35, 40 million people. That's a rounding error.

And then Los Angeles, the second-largest city in America, 400 people dead.

Now I put Sweden and Norway on here for a reason. Sweden is the control, and we've talked about this before. Sweden not doing the social distancing, not locking up the healthy. They're protecting the weak and vulnerable. But look at their numbers. Their numbers are a little bit higher, but it's not outrageous. We also have to notice something about Sweden, Barry, and that is they're only testing the sick and they're only testing health workers, so the numbers are skewed. 

BARRY NUSSBAUM (FOUNDER, AMERICAN TRUTH PROJECT): Sweden, as you have said Graham, is the only free country left on planet Earth. They're treating their adults like adults and the truth is they don't have a monster death rate with people dropping in the streets like everyone got the heck scared out of them in the United States when 2 million were supposed to die. And now, the death rate is down to, well, hate to say it, a regular flu--


NUSSBAUM: -- That nobody ever cares about and no one ever cared about? 

The truth is that we can unlock the economy right now, and the devastation would be unnoticeable and the economic reversal in fortunes for s hundred million Americans that are locked up would be wonderful, they could go back to their lives. Graham, this not a quarantine.

If you look up quarantine, quarantine means you lock up the sick. When you look up the healthy, that's tyranny and that is what we're living under now.

LEDGER: Well said, and it's economic suicide I would add.