OAN falsely reports that “upwards of 2.5 million people have been killed” by COVID-19 vaccines

Pearson Sharp: “It's more of a conspiracy to believe the vaccines work than to believe they're causing us harm”

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Citation From June 8, 2022, programming on One America News Network

PEARSON SHARP (CORRESPONDENT): Our government is trying to kill us. It's not the first time it's happened, and it probably won't be the last. Of course, that's just a conspiracy, though, isn't it? Our government would never do anything to harm us. Just like the CIA didn't spend 20 years secretly conducting hundreds of illegal mind control experiments on American citizens, without their knowledge, under the MK-ULTRA plan.

The CIA used colleges, universities, prisons, and got the help of doctors and hospitals and even pharmaceutical companies to carry out these illegal tests on thousands of patients who didn't know they were being experimented on. Sound familiar? It's all real. Look it up. It happened -- a proven case where our government illegally experimented on us. And you think that was the only time?

We could wonder about what else they're doing, but it's really not much of a mystery. Just look at the experimental vaccines they forced on hundreds of millions of unwitting Americans. The forced vaccination program has been the largest human experiment in the history of the world, and so far the consequences have been appalling. 

Conservative estimates from the VAERS programs show upwards of 2.5 million people have been killed by the vaccines, and that's just here in America. Another 100 million have suffered injuries ranging from persistent headaches, to paralysis, to amputation of all four limbs. In fact, there are so many injuries that the federal programs set up to help treat patients who suffered from injuries are totally overwhelmed. Even Politico, of all places, admitted programs like the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program doesn't have enough staff to handle the thousands of people flooding through their doors, all of them suffering from injuries after getting the experimental injections. These numbers are way up from previous years. 

At this point, it's more of a conspiracy to believe the vaccines work than to believe they're causing us harm. But that's just what the government wants you to think, and they're doing their level best to cover up any evidence that exposes how dangerous these injections really are. It turns out the CDC has been quietly going through and deleting official records on the U.S. government's VAERS website, which is used by health professionals, doctors, and insurance companies to track injuries and deaths from vaccines. According to data analysts, the Center for Disease Control has been erasing reports of deaths or injuries caused by the COVID vaccines and has already deleted about 10,000 reports so far. 

This isn't the first time this has happened, either, with reports that the CDC went through and deleted up to 6,000 deaths from the database last year, but only for reports on the COVID vaccines. It's already been confirmed that both the FDA and Pfizer knew before the vaccines were released that they were dangerous and ineffective, and yet they decided to release them anyway. Now we're seeing the gruesome consequences of that decision.

No one can guess how many more innocent lives will be lost because of these toxic injections. But as we said in the beginning, this isn't the first time our government has illegally experimented on us. And although we don't know what their true purpose is, we do know one thing. Our government doesn't care how many of us it has to kill to achieve its goals.