OAN attacks vaccines with a 9/11 truther chiropractor who thinks the “Reptilian agenda is going to be exposed”

Jason Dean claims “all vaccines are literal bullshit” and part of a New World Order depopulation plan

On July 12, One America News Network hosted Dr. Jason Dean, who denounced COVID-19 vaccines as “a bioweapon” and suggested Democrats are redeploying the “plandemic” because “they can’t afford to have a red wave” in the upcoming midterm elections. 

Dean is a chiropractor and an ardent conspiracy theorist. He has claimed on his Twitter account that “all vaccines are literal bullshit” and that they are part of a genocidal depopulation plan by the New World Order. His preposterous beliefs don’t stop at vaccines or health care; Dean has also said that “9/11 was an inside job,” has seemingly entertained flat Earth conspiracy theories, and has proclaimed that the “#Reptilian agenda is going to be exposed in my lifetime.” (British author David Icke’s The Reptilian Agenda posits “that a reptilian extraterrestrial race has controlled the world for thousands of years.”) 

Real America’s Dan Ball, who hosted Dean for the interview, prefaced his appearance with a nine-minute monologue about -- among many other things -- President Joe Biden’s “regime” extending a public health emergency to “boost pandemic response funding,” which he claimed will actually be used to “pay off municipalities, government agencies,” and “people who helped him cheat.” He also called COVID-19 a “vaccine that isn’t a vaccine.”

During the interview, Dean claimed to have “saved countless lives doing natural means for this whole, you know, virus,” adding, “And it is not a vaccine, it’s a bioweapon. Let’s just call it what it is.” 

Dean also complained about people still wearing masks, claiming, “I’ve never put a mask on, and I’m a doctor, and I work with patients. Where’s the disconnect here? They’re programming the minds of Americans, and we need to change it.”

Ball shared Dean's website with the audience, saying, “Check him out. Great information. He’s out there spreading truth over the lies that’s being pushed by Big Pharma and this Biden regime.”

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Citation From the July 12, 2022, edition of OAN's Real America with Dan Ball

The chiropractor’s website hosts a plethora of nonsense, including a front page story by “Lizzy from Boston” about discovering her “3rd eye for the win” during her “Saturn Return.” It also features aggregated right-wing grievances like “LGBT Mob Targets Pizza and Cookies in Grooming Crusade” and “The War Against The Unvaxxed Won’t Be Forgotten.” On the site, Dean also falsely argues that the autoimmune disease psoriasis is actually caused by parasites. 

Like other grifters in right-wing media, Dean also sells several homeopathic supplements. On a second website, he offers a “Children’s Parasite Protocol” that claims to treat “Allergies, Darkness under Eyes, Food Sensitivities, Ear Aches, Anal Itching, Digestive Issues and More,” for only $137. And on a third website, he sells an “Autism Protocol” to “Start Your Child's Journey on the Road to Health” for just $99. Both serum collections come with an offer to purchase a one-on-one consultation for an additional $59.

Dean also piles his Twitter account high with absurdly false foolishness, such as:

Explaining “mental health [is] #1 problem in America” because “parasites eat neurotransmitters.” 

A tweet from Dr. Jason Dean, reading: "Why is mental health #1 problem in America? Parasites eat neurotransmitters. Cancer? Parasites. They don't want you to know about the 'Secrets'"

Saying that vaccines cause sterilization, peanut allergies, ear infections, seizures, eczema, asthma, and death, all to create a “cycle of profit.”

Tweet caption: "You are their cycle of profit. Sickness creates Revenue, Health creates Freedom." Image: "Vaccines DO cause sterilization ... helps the infertility business. Vaccines DO cause peanut allergies ... helps the epi-pen business. Vaccines DO cause ear infections...helps the antibiotic business. Vaccines DO cause seizures ... helps the hospital ER business. Vaccines DO cause eczema ... helps the dermatology business. Vaccines DO cause asthma ... helps the allergist business..."

Claiming that “the more parasites you have, the more spiritual entities attach to you and vice versa.”

A tweet from Dr. Jason Dean, reading: "The more parasites you have, the more spiritual entities attach to you and vice versa. Biblical! They used herbs back in the day to not only kill the parasites, but to detach the entities (demons)."

Alleging that vaccines, “especially the #COVID19 one,” are a genocidal operation for depopulation by the New World Order.

A tweet from Dr. Jason Dean, reading: "Vaccines are Genocide being used for NWO depopulation, especially the #COVID19 one!"

Suggesting that COVID-19 vaccines will infect people with HIV because Biden’s chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci “wanted depopulation for his Cabal puppet masters.”

A tweet from Dr. Jason Dean, reading: "HIV/AIDS is going mainstream. Why? Because #Fauci wanted depopulation for his Cabal puppet masters. The vaccinated are going to be in for the shock of their lives. Psst...HIV in the spike protein. Next #Conspiracy becomes truth up to bat!"

Sharing an image that claimed watching the Super Bowl means “directly supporting racism, cults and human trafficking.”

Tweet caption: "I might get banned but I'm so fucking tired of Americans supporting it." Image is a Facebook screenshot, reading "I genuinely feel disgusted for Americans watching the SB. You are directly supporting racism, cults and human trafficking. People really should be ashamed."

Alleging a link between World Wrestling Entertainment, Scooby-Doo, the military, Freemasonry, and Donald Trump, whom he called “The Chosen One, by the Military.”

Tweet caption: "They're ALL Mason. The Founding Masons are BACK! Military, Trump (The Chosen One, by the Military), Vince, Shane, Cena, etc. Scooby-Doo Wrestlemania. 'Masters of the Universe' Masters over Matter, Energy, Space and Time..." Includes three screenshots of former WWE EVP Shane McMahon and 'Scooby-Doo Wrestlemania' with alleged Mason symbols circled in red

Suggesting that the Earth is flat: “Why are people so offended by the Flat Earth conversation? Are you harmed if it’s flat?”

A tweet from Dr. Jason Dean, reading: "Why are people so offended by the Flat Earth conversation? Are you harmed if it's flat? It has no bearing on the existence of God. The only thing that would offend is that we've all been lied to our entire life. Wouldn't you want to know the Truth?"

Proclaiming that “the #Reptilian agenda is going to be exposed in my lifetime.”

A tweet from Dr. Jason Dean, reading: "The #Reptilian agenda is going to be exposed in my lifetime," followed by two reptile emojis and the word "Amazing!"