New York Post columnist tells Fox News that elderly people are “selfish” for sheltering at home as a result of COVID-19

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Citation From the October 6th edition of Fox News' The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino

DANA PERINO [ANCHOR]:  President Trump sending a message to the American people after returning to the White House from Walter Reed. Let's bring in "New York Post" columnist Miranda Devine, and Miranda, I don't know if people are fearful as much as they are just looking for clear information. They want common sense, they want to be able to get back to work and they really want their kids back in school. 

MIRANDA DEVINE [NEW YORK POST COLUMNIST]: They sure do, and I think that's what President Trump said the three most powerful words that any leader can say in a crisis: Don't be afraid. Don't let this thing dominate you. The coronavirus threat is very different in October 2020 than was March or even July, and the president is walking testament to that, and I think he's delivered a message of hope through experience, and he sent the message that we can get back to work. That's what everybody wants, and I think it's just incredibly selfish of older people or neurotic people who are timid and afraid and won't come out of their basement to confine children and young people to miss out on the most important parts of their lives on schooling and on the prime of youth. 

PERINO: Umm -- when you talk about people that are older people -- I'm sorry I just want to clarify that they're being selfish or they're being afraid?

DEVINE: Yes, I do. I think that people in power who are insisting on keeping the economy shut down, insisting on keeping Americans just as frightened as they were six months ago of the coronavirus which has receded as a threat, I think they are selfish, and I'm particularly pointing the finger, if you want to know it, at the Democrats and at Joe Biden. 

PERINO: Alright. It's an interesting point of view. Miranda Devine, love having you. Thank you so much.