NBC News contributor Hugh Hewitt suggests Trump tape excerpts were “manipulated to suggest he’s a horrible person”

Hewitt lashes out at “blue-check Twitter” over Bob Woodward tapes

Hugh Hewitt suggests Trump tape excerpts were “manipulated to suggest he’s a horrible person”

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Citation From the September 10, 2020, edition of Salem Radio Networks’ The Hugh Hewitt Show

HUGH HEWITT (HOST): This is how you sell books. You get 20 hours of tapes — and everybody talked to Woodward on this. I happen to know, everybody talked to Bob Woodward on this one. And like Fear, which is sitting on my shelf in my studio, this book, it's called Rage, it will be a fine read It will be fully, completely detailed. You’ll get the picture of the president in the whole, and he’ll emerge fairly portrayed.

But that’s not how you sell books. you don’t release the best parts of the Trump tapes. You release the parts that can then be manipulated to suggest he’s a horrible person.

Which is exactly what — what was his publisher last time? I just — here — I assume he's still with Simon & Schuster, it was Simon & Schuster last time — which is what Simon & Schuster wants. They want people talking about the book. So they put out these three excerpts.

So, I know blue-check Twitter is all atwitter with, “Oh, the president lied to us.” No, he didn't. “Oh, Bob Woodward should've revealed this.” There wasn't anything to reveal that wasn't on the public record. People like me were talking about this in December, in January. And the president always, always, always — you know, he tried to keep the cruise ship away, always aware of the risk, trying to play it the same way.

It's not the end-of-the-world story that blue-check Twitter thinks it is. In fact, it reveals the anti-Trump bias of blue-check Twitter.