This is how Maria Bartiromo, who is on the “news side” at Fox, interviewed Donald Trump

When people talk about the network as a pro-Trump propaganda cesspool, Fox News often defends itself by claiming that its “news side” is objective and fair and cannot be held responsible for what its opinion hosts say.

Well, Maria Bartiromo is on the news side at Fox. After leaving CNBC for Fox in 2014, she is now the Fox Business global markets editor and anchor of Mornings with Maria; she also anchors Fox News’ Sunday show Sunday Morning Futures. Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott gushed about Bartiromo’s “exceptional insights and incredible work ethic” when the network extended the anchor’s contract in 2019. Bartiromo praised Fox for helping her “grow as a journalist.”

Here’s a glimpse of that style of “journalism.” Bartiromo’s interview of President Donald Trump was straight out of the Lou Dobbs playbook. Watch: