Fox's Sarah Sanders cites “the whole illusion of the Russia hoax” as a reason to oppose mail-in ballots

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Citation From the May 21, 2020, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered Overtime

SARAH SANDERS (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Look, we know that there always is election fraud, whether it's mail-in or not, and I think we have to continue to take steps to protect election security. We have to do that on a number of fronts. This was something that the president and the administration worked on a lot during the time that I spent two and half years at the White House. Department of Homeland Security take a huge role. We did an entire briefing centered around nothing but election security. This isn't a new topic but it's an important one.

Let's not forget that people came after this president and tried to take the election away from him. They tried to delegitimize his very solid win and say that he wasn't the rightful winner, and tried to create this whole illusion of the Russia hoax. There's no question that the president should be focused on making sure nothing like that happens again, that our election security is protected, and that we limit fraud as much as humanly possible. And I think he's right to have this conversation now. Let's figure it out and make sure that it doesn't happen.