Fox News' medical correspondent calls testing for coronavirus a “pseudo-religion”

Dr. Marc Siegel: “Elon Musk is facing another pseudo-religion, Tucker, the pseudo-religion of testing”

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Citation From the November 13, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

DR MARC SIEGEL (FOX NEWS MEDICAL CONTRIBUTOR): Lockdowns, from a medical point of view, of course, don't work, because only rich people can afford to go to their country house while poor people are stuck together not knowing if the person next to them, by the way, maybe actually has COVID-19, and there is a tremendous physical, mental, and economic cost here that we've talked about. So now, Elon Musk is facing another pseudo-religion, Tucker, the pseudo-religion of testing. And he is another -- once again, he's being a visionary. He's saying tonight, four tests, two positive, two negative. And I thought before I learned from Elon Musk tonight, I thought that antigen test is pretty good. When you have mild symptoms, we were told that that antigen test was quite accurate. Well, two positive and two negative, I want to submit to the viewer tonight that it's another pseudo-religion, Tucker. And I want to tell you as a physician, a test may be helpful, just like a mask may be helpful, lockdown not helpful at all, but a test may be helpful, but Tucker, a test is not a cure.