Fox News' Jesse Watters calls COVID-19 vaccine booster shots “a huge scam”

Watters: “No one is going to go along with another shot”

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Citation From the August 28, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Five

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): I'm going to walk around with this study in my pocket and if anybody tries to make me wear a mask, I'm going to say, "There's a study that says masks can give me cancer. Do you want me to get cancer? Obviously not." That's garbage. There's another shot that he's going to recommend all Americans take? Not just Americans with comorbidities, not just Americans that are over 65: Every single American? And the shots are going to cost a lot of money? And the insurance companies are going to get paid again? And doctors are going to get bonuses based off the percentage of the administration of shots? This is another huge scam and no one is going to go along with another shot, especially if it's mandated.