Fox News host Mark Levin and former Trump official Richard Grenell lie on Twitter about old photo of Joe Biden

Photo of Biden without a mask was from November 2019

A Fox News host and a former Trump administration official are spreading disinformation on Twitter, claiming that a photo shows Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden hypocritically not wearing a mask on a plane — though the photo was taken in late 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic began.

Richard Grenell, who served this year as President Donald Trump’s acting director of national intelligence after having been a longtime Fox News commentator, posted the misleading photo Sunday on Twitter.

A fact check by Reuters traced the photo to a newly published article in Vogue magazine, profiling the Biden campaign’s traveling national press secretary Remi Yamamoto — but the caption says the photo was taken “on a flight to South Carolina in November 2019.”

Fox News host Mark Levin shared Grenell’s tweet, calling Biden’s supposed action “fraud.”

This isn’t Grenell’s first time spreading false or misleading information. During his tenure as director of national intelligence, he selectively declassified information relating to the investigation of Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, in an attempt to make it appear as if the Obama administration had acted improperly. And though there was nothing there, right-wing media ran with Trump’s “Obamagate” narrative.

A few months after leaving the intelligence post in May, Grenell became a senior adviser to the Republican National Committee on LGBT issues.