Fox News' Dr. Marc Siegel attacks NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for using mathematical models to plan for coronavirus needs

Siegel: “I actually think that is a ridiculous statement. You know why? It’s based on mathematical modeling.”

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Citation From the March 26, 2020, edition of Fox News' Bill Hemmer Reports 

BILL HEMMER (ANCHOR): The mayor here in New York saying by September half of New York will have this virus, the city that is, that's 4 million people. Is that going to happen?

DR. MARC SIEGEL (FOX MEDICAL CONTRIBUTOR): Well, first of all, that is why the mayor is asking for 30,000 respirators because he understands that 1.5% of cases end up needing a ventilator. Just 1.5%. But I actually think that is a ridiculous statement. And you know why? It's based on a mathematical modeling. That's with all due respect to the mayor, by the way, who is not a physician. But you know what the problem is, Bill? Where is this mathematical modeling coming from? And I'm not the only one to be concerned about that kind of projection. It implies numbers we don't know, rate of spread, who's going to get it, whether the social distancing we are trying so dramatically is going to work, changes in the weather, changes in how the virus spreads. So I would say that that is completely an unnecessary, and even irresponsible statement. I don't think we need any more fear here.

Clarification (4/1/20): The transcript of this clip has been updated for accuracy. Siegel said Cuomo’s statement was “even irresponsible,” not “even a responsible.”

Correction (9/29/20): The original headline of this piece misidentified the subject of Siegel's criticism as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. In fact, the Fox medical contributor was criticizing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.