Fox News contributor: “You can take your mask mandate, and shove it right up your ass”

Dan Bongino: “I will not comply”

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Citation From the July 8, 2020, edition of Westwood One’s The Dan Bongino Show

DAN BONGINO (HOST): Martin County, Florida, which is where I reside, some of you know that — if you don't, you know now. The Martin County commissioner, and this is — they're allegedly, many of them, conservatives and care about, you know, business and freedom and that stuff.

They decided it'd be a good idea to pass a mask mandate. A mask mandate, in public — keep in mind, it's Martin County, Florida, it's south Florida, where it's 97 degrees on Christmas Day. The mask mandate includes absurdities such as wearing masks outside in public — yes, like things like on the beach and stuff. Because you know, that's a high transmission area. So, here's the local newspaper, the TC Palm, Joshua Solomon, “Face-mask requirement gets the OK in Martin County; enforcement fines range from 50 bucks to 250 dollars.”

Well, the reason I'm talking about this is, this is not just an issue for me locally. It's an issue I've been talking about for well over a few months now. But this is happening all over the country. They have no authority to do this. These people are just fabricating new tyrannical powers, drunk on their own power.

Now, let me be clear, so I set the appropriate parameters of where and why I believe what I believe. I am not anti-mask, I mean that. If you are a private business, and you feel like it would make your customers — in your business you worked hard to build — uncomfortable by people not wearing masks, and you want to put a sign on the door, “We'd really appreciate you wearing a mask, we're not going to allow people in with out it.” That's your business. I'm a free-marketeer, I believe in freedom. People may complain, that's your call, that's your business.

I have my own home, we run a business. I do not ask people to wear a mask in my house, that's my choice. That's my choice. I understand, that's my choice, I'm taking on that risk, and I understand that. I'm a big boy, I can make my own calls, and so can my wife.

Having said that, I also understand other people own homes and businesses, as well. If you go in someone's home, they happen to be high-risk — they are not high-risk, doesn't matter to me — and they say, “Dan, you know, I'd really be more comfortable if you put a mask on,” I keep one with me, no problem at all. I've actually gotten used to to it.

I do not need power-drunk, pseudo-monarchs, little mini-tyrants — in my supposedly conservative county, though — sending out ridiculous, child-like, amateur-hour edicts demanding people wear masks in situations where the risk of transmission is somewhat close to zero.

You can take your mask mandate, and shove it right up your ass.

You understand? Because I will not comply. I will use my own adult, mature, 45-year old judgment — though some of you can debate the “mature,” but that's OK. But I will use my own judgment to determine when and where to wear a mask, so that I don't infect someone else — God forbid I was an asymptomatic spreader, and that I don't make people uncomfortable. We are all big boys here, and we'll figure it out.