Fox hosts enthusiastically speculate that Ginsburg's passing will push COVID-19 pandemic out of the news

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Citation From the September 19. 2020, edition of Fox News' Watters World

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Tammy, what do you think about that battle as it rages right now. Do you think this takes this kind of the COVID-19 situation out of Biden's hands?

TAMMY BRUCE (FOX NATION HOST): Well it does already. A lot of the news, we were having the lists of the number of deaths and the discussions, it was leading all of the news when it comes to schools, et cetera. The COVID, the virus was leading for the Democrats. They wanted it to. They thought that is what makes President Trump weak. That rally we just saw sounded like 2016.


BRUCE: He is inspired, he is energized. He understands this kind of a fight the Republicans win on. Americans don't like what's been going on in the country. They don't like riots. They don't like to be threatened, and the Democrats are going in that direction. And certainly, none of the things they are threatening are what Ruth Bader Ginsburg wanted. And so Republicans must act, and quickly, and get it done.