Fox host suggests Democratic governors are making people stay at home to hurt Trump

After California governor Gavin Newsom closed beaches, Brian Kilmeade says that he fears Democratic governors will shut down “because they don't want to restart Donald Trump's economy”

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Citation From the April 30, 2020, edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Yeah, so each state is going to make their own decision. My fear is that Democratic states — and I hope it's wrong — are going to take their time, because they don't want to restart Donald Trump's economy. They want to start Joe Biden's economy in November.

My hope is that people understand the type of pressure, and the amount of careers, and the amount of stress people are under, and will lift it as soon as possible, unlike when this was put in place in March. The president is going to lift restrictions, he's not going to extend the stay-in-place orders. We are educated with it. We should make our own decisions, on whether we're taking the subway or walking the streets.

And when people are in law enforcement, who are put in terrible positions, if they would walk the beach in Newport Beach and say, “Hey, guys, could you separate here? Okay, you five together, do you understand?” People will start policing each other, and then that would work its way out.

But to go ahead and say, “I'm closing the beaches, I didn't like the way you acted last week,” when most of that state is perfectly fine — just some congested areas aren't — this is the foundation for an overreach that I never thought was going to happen in this country.

As serious as as the coronavirus is, so are people's freedoms — mental health, drugs, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic abuse that are all on the rise with this. It's not just a matter of showing discipline. People are watching their lives melt away, and they can't — they're at the breaking point. And when they think the governors are overreaching, that's when people are going to snap. If politics are playing a role here, that is a bridge too far.

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Well, you know, that beach was open, and people could make the decisions. The problem is, though, Brian, they started to see more people going to the hospitals after that weekend — after all those images were released, in California, with corona. So, I think the governors have to make tough decisions because they don't want a relapse of all of this. That wouldn't make them look good. Their residents would be dying. And then you have, you know, people like — my mom is very sick. And as much as I want to go out, and I want — I still want everybody to play by the rules because when I finally do get to go home to visit her, I don't want —

KILMEADE: But is your mom going to the beach? But is your mom going to the beach?

EARHARDT: No, but Brian, you know, eventually she's going to be around family again. I understand both sides, I really do. I just don't want a resurgence of this. You know, I just don't want us to go through all of this. It's been — it's been hard for everyone at different levels.