Fox host calls vaccine mandates “government-sponsored suicide”

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Citation From the October, 25, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Gov. Ron DeSantis eyeing a hefty bonus to all police officers relocating to Florida after losing a job in states with vaccine mandates. I tell you, he is nothing if not nimble. Law enforcement warning their own governors against those mandates, like the Massachusetts police union, who says, quote his decisions are exasperating an already critical shortage of state troopers. These willful attacks on public safety personnel are putting lives at risk. Here to react, former NYPD officer himself to a host of Unfiltered, Dan Bongino, fresh off his successful weekend show and getting ready for his radio show and his podcast. Dan, first off, your reaction to the way these cities are targeting their police departments. Have they thought what could happen if a bunch of men and women decide not to get the shot?

DAN BONGINO (FOX NEWS HOST): Yeah, I mean, this is – this is a government-sponsored suicide right here. I mean, think about it, right? Your first line defenders -- and it's not just cops. I mean, you've got to remember Brian, you know, I get it. We think of cops and firemen, but there are EMTs, there are paramedics, there are corrections officers, they're, you know, they're all out there on the front line, too. And a lot of them are saying the same thing – with they're saying, hey, this has nothing to do with science. This is clearly a mechanism to control our people because you're caving to some politically correct narrative du jour.

Let's just be clear about what these vaccine mandates aren't. It's not about a vaccine. I can't say this enough. You may be saying, of course it is. It's a vaccine mandate. No, no. You fell for the narrative. This is nothing to do with the vaccine. The same people pushing the vaccine mandate were the same people crapping all over the vaccine when Trump engaged the operation to get the vaccine. We're not touching it. This is going to be Trump poison.

KILMEADE: It's not going to be ready.

BONGINO: It's not going to be – this stuff is still out there on Twitter and YouTube. Kamala Harris and Biden saying, I'm not touching this vaccine. So what happened? What changed your mind? The answer is the election changed your mind, meaning it was never about the vaccine. It was about politics. This is only about control.

And one other thing. Let me disabuse anyone of the notion right away this has anything to do with science. You know what science is an actual immunity science? OK, if it is and you understand again at the first grade level of science and natural immunity exists, we don't know how long, but we know it exists, then this has nothing to do with science. And you know, I had a radio host on last week on my show. His doctor told him he had an issue with blood clots, recommended he wait a little bit. All of a sudden, he's got to get the vaccine. Is that science? What are you a doctor?

KILMEADE: It's amazing.

BONGINO: Give me your epidemiology degree. You have none of it. These people are full of crap.

KILMEADE: So, Dan I wanted to bring up, I'm sure you didn't see it, but outside the Brooklyn Nets' loss yesterday, before they played Charlotte, there was a there was a rally for Kyrie Irving, who refuses to get the shot and he's not allowed to play, you know, so there you're seeing some of it. They got a little overzealous and tried to storm the gates, which I'm not in support of. What's your reaction to this – to this? To this, you know, these aren't basketball fans, necessarily.

BONGINO: It's spreading all over the country, man. You can throw partisanship out the window right now, Brian. When you start telling people they don't have sovereignty over their own body and they're wards of the state, it's going to hit the fan, right, immediately. People are tired of this. You are not a ward of the state, it is your body. You were given to it by God. You were not given to it by the city of New York or the Brooklyn Nets.

KILMEADE: Right, good point. We're going to see it because if you – if this is true, what you're saying Dan, then there's going to be mandates for boosters. And now I hear in one state, their mandates for flu shots. Here we go. Dan Bongino, thanks so much.