Fox host: Asking about possible COVID-19 spread at White House party is “hostility towards a sitting president”

Brian Kilmeade says reporters should’ve instead asked: “What is it like to beat the record by three-and-a-half years, of all-time vaccine accomplishments?”

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Citation From the December 8, 2020, edition of Fox News’ The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino

DANA PERINO (ANCHOR): I know that this was an important moment for him, to be able to have a chance to talk about — one, the accomplishments — but to also thank the people in the room, which he was very generous in doing.

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST, Fox & Friends): Yes, very generous in doing — and three hostile questions, how appropriate. One, “How about your holiday parties?” as opposed to, “What is it like to beat the record by three-and-a-half years, of all-time vaccine accomplishments? Who played the greatest role, and how do you plan on distributing?” As opposed to, “You're modeling bad behavior, a Christmas party that we all weren't invited to.”

Pretty amazing, too, that the other networks didn't take, according to reports, the president of the United States speaking about a vaccine that's going to save the lives of millions of Americans, and they took a surgeon general nominee over the president of the United States taking questions.

But I think that something's important here. You know, you always talked about this, Dana, the marriage between the public and private sector. And part of the format that w'ere going to see today is CVS and Walgreens talking about how they're going to put those shots people's arms. We're going to talk about the different warehouses in different states, where all these vaccines will arrive, and how they'll be distributed.

First Pfizer, then Moderna, then it looks like AstraZeneca, then Johnson & Johnson. We're soon going to be able to shop for a vaccine. This is an amazing story — and, “Who's wearing masks at the president's small Christmas party?” is not a leading question. It's hostility towards a sitting president.