Fox & Friends upset over NFL vaccine guidelines

Fox host Will Cain: “The distinction here is whether or not the vaccine is right for every single individual”

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Citation From the July 24, 2021, edition of FOx News' Fox & Friends Weekend

WILL CAIN (CO-HOST): The NFL says it will not mandate vaccinations for players, coaches, or staff, but its latest guidelines are imposing severe restrictions on anyone who's not vaccinated. The league now warning teams they'll be forced to forfeit games amid a COVID-19 outbreak by an unvaccinated player. In this case, players on both teams will not be paid for the game, and the team responsible for the canceled game must cover all the costs. It comes amid talks that a Minnesota Vikings assistant coach, Rick Dennison, has been ousted for refusing the COVID vaccine. Here now is former NFL player and CEO of the Brewer Group, Jack Brewer. Jack, I think everyone understands private businesses can make decisions about the conditions of their employment. Here is the NFL basically saying these are the conditions of our employment. We really want you to be vaccinated. And so here are the repercussions. But here's the question, Jack. Is it necessary? Is it logical? Does it reflect a reality that young, healthy football players should all be pressured to get this vaccine?

JACK BREWER (GUEST): Of course not, it's not righteous, it's not pure, they're not coming from a pure place. Think about it. You've had zero hospitalizations for professional athletes. You have zero deaths for professional athletes. So to come in and enforce a policy like this on players, you know, literally tell it, you're basically telling them that they need to get vaccinated and it's just not right. If you really cared, you would be talking about what is your immune status? What are your risk factors? Am I putting you in a position where your health and safety is really at risk? And the answer to all those questions is no. If they really cared, they'd say, let me know your immune status. What's the likelihood of you getting really sick from the coronavirus? Take it, an immune monitoring exam, go take [unintelligible] like I did. But none of that is happening. And it's an unfortunate reality, especially when it seems like every other month we're talking about something else. They'll put you out there to play with a concussion. They'll put you out there to play with the flu or any type of other illness. They give players shots just like they gave me shots to go back on the field and play. But all of a sudden, they're being virtuous. No, I think they're aligning themselves with the leftist media. I think they're aligning themselves with all the Democratic rhetoric that's out there trying to force vaccines on people without necessarily going into their immune systems and understanding their bodies.

CAIN: Yeah, I think the distinction here is whether or not the vaccine is right for every single individual. And the public rhetoric has answered that question. It is in a resounding yes. It has not left individuals the ability to look into their own health and make their own risk-reward analysis. And here's the NFL reflecting that same type of attitude. By the way, logistically, good luck trying to figure out if this started with the vaccinated or unvaccinated player. I don't know how they're going to sort any kind of outbreak like that out. But I want to ask you this real quick.

BREWER: Real quick Will. I just had a dear friend that played basketball. He just got out of the hospital hospitalized after taking the vaccine in May. He is a healthy man and we're praying to get him out of the hospital. So it's just it's ridiculous to go out and push this on people when you can still get the virus after you've already taken it.

CAIN: You just don't know everybody's individual health situation, so why do you have a one size fits all answer for everyone?