Fox & Friends hosts bash restrictions on Thanksgiving gatherings — after acknowledging that large holiday gatherings are dangerous

Co-host Steve Doocy: “We know how contagious this is”

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Citation From the November 17, 2020, edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): What is your plan for Thanksgiving? It's interesting. Ohio State University did a poll, and apparently a majority of Americans are going to social distance, and they're going to make sure that their guests, if they do have guests, come in at less than 10, and things like that. They're going to make sure that everybody is safe.

However, what is kind of puzzling is about 40% of Americans are planning a big Thanksgiving with more than 10 people, 38%; 27% say they will not have any social distancing at their event. And even 20% say we won't turn away guests who actually have symptoms — which is kind of scary, because we know how contagious this is.

Nonetheless, here in New York state, the governor has said, OK, if you're going to have Thanksgiving, you can only have no more than 10 people. That's it, that's going to be the statewide limit. Here's the problem. How are they going to figure that out? Are they going to drive up and down streets? Are they going to count the cars? Are they going to watch at the grocery store? “Hey, you've got five boxes of Stove Top Stuffing — into the patrol car, lady.” Absolutely not. At least four sheriffs in New York state have already said, “We are not going to enforce that dumb rule. People are smart enough and resources are thin.”

Here's Richard Giardino, Fulton County sheriff. He was on with Fox & Friends First a little earlier, and he thinks this governor's plan is not a good one — it's a turkey.

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Seriously, though, it is spreading, and people do need to be safe. But the sheriff's point is, we can make our own decisions. And you know, when you're inviting family —

DOOCY: Personal responsibility.

EARHARDT: If you have an elderly — exactly, exactly.

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): I just love Jim Jordan's tweet: “Don't cancel Thanksgiving. Don't cancel Christmas. Cancel lockdowns.”