Fox & Friends co-host likens protests against coronavirus protections to the American revolution

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Citation From the April 26, 2020, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday

PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): You mentioned tyranny, doctor, there's no tolerance for an ounce of tyranny in this country. That's why we're a free country. That's why we revolted the way we did so many years ago.

So, when you start to see the increments of power going to the heads of leaders who are taking these nonsensical draconian measures that don't afford for any common sense, I mean, you can't go out to by yourself -- to a park even if you're Tom Brady down in Tampa Bay, and you can't park in your parking lot and worship at your church on Sunday. That -- when rules become unreasonable, that's when people go out and protest and there were a bunch of protests yesterday across the country still, because there are leaders and governors, mayors and others digging their heels in, saying "I have the power, it's my jurisdiction, you will listen to me." Well, no, no, no, they actually work for you, the people, the citizens. And when they are voicing out that you're being overburdensome, that's why people react.

And you didn't react. 

DR. NICOLE SAPHIER (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR AND GUEST CO-HOST): I mean, I can't agree with you more. I thought Jason was going to say something.

HEGSETH: It happens. TV.

SAPHIER: I was just waiting for his response.

But I mean, the truth is you're absolutely right, Pete, I mean people are paying taxes, and you know, I understand that they're wanting to limit interstate travel right now, because certainly, small beach towns are towns that have lower rates of infection are not wanting to have people come in, with the potential of bringing in the virus.

But the truth is you can not deny people's rights to access their home, their property, which they pay taxes for, because you will start seeing revolting. We already are seeing the protests across the country. We need to get to a reasonable place within our country where we are keeping everyone safe but we're also respecting their freedom.