Fox Business guest: COVID-19 vaccine booster shots are “all part of a program” for government control

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Citation From the August 25, 2021, edition of Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria Bartiromo

MARIA BARTIROMO (ANCHOR): You know what I'm wondering? I'm wondering, you know how there are all these vaccine mandates — you've got to show your vaccine card just to get into anywhere you want to go. Is that going to be the case with booster shots as well, K.T.? I mean, are they going to say, well, in six months, did you get a booster shot? And do you have to prove that you got the booster shot? How long are we going to be getting shots? Every six months?

K.T. MCFARLAND (FORMER DEPUTY NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER): Oh, I think forever. I think that this is all part of a program where the left wing, you know, the loony left, which is now in charge of the Biden administration — everything they're doing is about aggregating more power to the federal government — the people who are going to tell you and me what to do, the people who are going to tell everybody in the country what to do — whether it's on elections, whether it's on mask mandates, whether it's on vaccines, whether it's on a whole host of issues. And the problem is that the Washington establishment has been wrong for the last 20 years. Why should we trust them on this?