Dr. Sanjay Gupta responds to Trump's coronavirus interview with Hannity: Sick people should not be going to work

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Citation From the March 5, 2020, of CNN's New Day

JOHN BERMAN (CO-ANCHOR): The vice president, who I know you met with yesterday, gives news conferences, has been speaking carefully, using carefully chosen words when describing this. The president much less so. And I want to play some sound that he had with Sean Hannity last night where he casually seemed to allow for the possibility that people with coronavirus are going to work. Listen.


DONALD TRUMP (PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES): We have thousands, or hundreds of thousands of people that get better just by sitting around and even going to work. Some of them go to work. But they get better.


BERMAN: How damaging of a message, how dangerous of a message is it that people with coronavirus maybe just going to work, OK, they can go to work.

SANJAY GUPTA (CNN CHIEF MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT): I mean, even without a coronavirus outbreak, people who are sick, who are showing any symptoms like that shouldn't be going to work. I mean, that's how something like this spreads. So the -- that's going to be a message that we're hearing going forward about when people should stay home, which is always. If you could possibly spread the virus to others.