Discussing Trump's hospitalization, Rudy Giuliani and OAN host agree that “Trump derangement syndrome is actually worse than COVID"

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Citation From the October 4, 2020, edition of One America News Network

SAMANTHA LOMIBAO (HOST): I know many many politicians have expressed their best wishes for a full recovery to the president and the first lady, but we've seen mixed reactions from the left. ... Now, you tweeted earlier this morning about the reaction of the mainstream media having a, quote, “uncontrolled hatred" for our president.

Do you think this suggests the Trump derangement syndrome is actually worse than COVID right now?

RUDY GIULIANI (TRUMP'S PERSONAL LAWYER): I do. I actually do. I think hatred is always worse than a physical illness. I mean, hatred is something that eats at you, and you look at the New York Times suggesting he get off the ballot. I mean, that's absolutely, totally absurd to suggest he'd get off the ballot. That can only come from a hatred that's eating away at you. I actually feel sorry for these people. It's ruining their characters and their personalities.

The president of the United States kind of creates this because he's doing something no president ever did. He's trying to break up the kind of power these people have exercised over the government for years.