Dan Bongino calls Cumulus’ vaccine mandate “political,” begs to be fired

Bongino’s ultimatum to Cumulus, which distributes his radio show, raises questions about his relationship with Fox News as well

On his Cumulus radio show, which is live-streamed on Fox Nation, Dan Bongino railed against Cumulus’ vaccine mandate, calling it “a political decision.”

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Citation From the October 18, 2021, edition of The Dan Bongino Show as aired on Fox Nation

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Inside Radio previously reported that Cumulus, which distributes Bongino's radio show, was implementing a vaccine mandate for all employees as they return to work in the office, with CEO Mary Berner saying in a letter: “Put simply, we believe that Force Cumulus is at our best when we’re working together in offices. To do that as safely as we reasonably can, we’re requiring that everyone be vaccinated except those legally excepted. It would neither be fair nor do we have the bandwidth to make exceptions based on individual preferences.”

Inside Radio later reported that multiple figures at Cumulus were out as a result of the mandate; the reporting also stated that other companies were following the lead of Cumulus in requiring employees to be vaccinated.

But Bongino’s rant also raises questions about his relationship with Fox Corp., the owner of both Fox Nation and Fox News, where Bongino hosts a show on Saturday evenings (and is a frequent commentator elsewhere).

Notably, Fox Corp. is requiring staff to either be vaccinated or undergo daily testing. Recent footage from inside Fox offices also revealed that nearly everyone was masked; Bongino’s rant doesn’t address either of these network policies directly (though he has previously said that he won’t comply with masking) – but it's certainly conspicuous that he didn't mention Fox at all in his latest anti-vaccine comments.