CNN's Jim Acosta praises Donald Trump's demeanor in coronavirus press briefing: “I think he gets it”

Acosta: “This was a different Donald Trump”

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Citation From the March 31, 2020, edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360

JIM ACOSTA: I have to tell you Anderson, I've never seen President Trump like this. I know people may say, "well I can't ever trust him, he's a phony" and so on, people might say that. But Anderson I have to tell you, sitting in that room that close to him I've never seen President Trump like this and I think to some extent he is scared right now Anderson, and we could all feel that in the room.


And I have to tell you, people may not believe the president when he says any of this, and I have been, you and I have been, you know, pretty critical of him from time to time, this was a different Donald Trump tonight, I think he gets it, Anderson.