CNN chyrons offer persuasive rationale for why CNN should stop airing Trump's coronavirus grievance sessions

Donald Trump held what was billed as a coronavirus task force briefing at the White House tonight. But its true intent became clear after he aired a propaganda video that was in part lifted from Sean Hannity’s Fox News program.

Here’s how CNN’s chyrons described Trump’s words.

CNN chyron 1 4/13/20

Citation CNN

CNN Chyron 2 4/13/20

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cnn chyron 3 4/13/20

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CNN chyron 4 4/13/20

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Even though the network's on-screen text explained that Trump was rewriting history during a propaganda session, as I write this, CNN is still airing the briefing live.

If this is how a news network is comfortable describing what Trump is doing, there can be no possible justification for airing it with no filter. It’s time CNN stopped airing these grievance sessions and started covering them.

Like, you know, a news organization.