After Trump is hospitalized for COVID-19, Fox contributor slams Biden for having taken coronavirus precautions

Jason Chaffetz: “Biden has been the one that’s been getting the cappuccino and just hanging out in the basement”

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Citation From the October 4, 2020, edition of Fox & Friends Weekend

WILL CAIN (CO-HOST): After President Trump's diagnosis, some in the media are questioning whether or not the campaign is effectively over. With the campaign calling it the worst nightmare -- with many calling it this being the campaign's worst nightmare, what does it mean for the days ahead? Well here to discuss is Fox News contributor and former chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Jason Chaffetz. Jason, thanks for being here. So you saw the headlines there, Axios is saying the campaign is effectively over. What are your thoughts? 

JASON CHAFFETZ (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Well, I think the good folks at Axios can just close their doors for the next month. Are you kidding me? There’s a vice presidential debate on Wednesday. You got two more presidential debates. Donald Trump will be back on the campaign trail before we know it. There’s a lot of campaigning left to go. And I got to tell you, the person who should be really worried is Joe Biden, because Donald Trump has been crisscrossing this country, showing energy, enthusiasm, and his plan to regenerate the economy for years. 

Joe Biden has been the one that’s been getting the cappuccino and just hanging out in the basement. He’s the one that hasn't been out on the campaign trail. So, and look, a campaign is also bigger than Donald Trump. I have been in Missouri, in Iowa. I was in Arizona, Nevada. I got to tell you, the energy and enthusiasm for Donald Trump is there. And it is silence for Joe Biden. 

CAIN: Right, right.

CHAFFETZ: You just don't hear and see it.