After a Fox guest calls out Republican politicians for pushing doubts about vaccines, a Fox contributor says COVID-19 is “99.999% survivable”

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Citation From the July 18, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox News Live

MATT BENNETT (GUEST): This is just nuts, let's be clear. The vaccines are safe. The ICUs are filled with people who were unvaccinated. There are people still testing positive who have been vaccinated, a few we knew that would happen because it is 90% effective.

But none of them are going to the hospital. What is happening -- the people who are dying, the people who are filling up our hospitals are unvaccinated and many of them are there because people like Governor Ron Desantis of Florida and other -- all Republican -- politicians are telling them that the vaccines might not be safe, that they shouldn't listen to public health experts like Dr. Fauci. They're selling t-shirts on Desantis' website attacking Dr. Fauci. That is the problem. That is how misinformation gets spread and it's very very dangerous.


CHARLIE HURT (FOX CONTRIBUTOR): No, misinformation comes when people like you try to politicize a disease that is 99.999% survivable. That's the problem here. And when politicians and people who work for politicians choose to take something like a pandemic and turn it into a political cudgel in order to get more power, that's how people wind up being misinformed and that's how people wind up being very very skeptical about what you say is a very -- is the solution to all of this. If you believe this is the solution to all of this, then allow open, free, fair debate and let people get their questions answered. That's -- that is the way to health for everyone.