Kash Patel says that he wants Donald Trump or Lee Zeldin as Speaker of the House

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Citation From the January 4, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice's American Sunrise

ED HENRY (CO-HOST): So let's talk about the speaker's race, because it's still going obviously. And in all seriousness, I'm seeing people in our live chat when we first teased you at the end of last hour saying Kash for speaker, because they've talked about it before and we talked about it on the show. And you don't have to be a member of Congress. And by the way, there's more chatter this morning about Donald Trump for Speaker. So you can react to that because, look, when I first heard that months ago, I thought it was a joke. And now I'm thinking if they can't figure this out, who better to step in and show some leadership than Donald Trump? So I wonder if you can react to that. But then more broadly, talk about what's going on with Kevin McCarthy and what you see as a way forward, sir.

KASH PATEL (CENTER FOR RENEWING AMERICA): Yeah. You know, what's going on this time around is the American public are more engaged than I've ever seen before in the political and electoral process. And that's just a win for America, period. You know, in ages past, you would not have this much involvement and this much coverage. And I'm only on Truth Social, but I can't tell you that. But the millions of people not just talking about epithets, but actually engaging in conversation about this race for speaker and about maybe Donald Trump stepping in or about somebody else from the outside like a Lee Zeldin stepping in. Most Americans didn't even know that was possible. Now they're advocating for that and talking about the process. So that makes me happy.

What doesn't make me happy, though, is the fact that we have a Republican majority and we have leadership unable to land this plane. And while I am all for getting the concessions, getting the negotiations out so that we have unilateral committee chairmen and women who have subpoena authority, who don't have to go to the speaker. And we have a vote where we can hold people accountable and get these crazy, arcane rules out of the way. What I want is a Republican leader in the House seat for Speaker of the House that can steer this plane and launch these investigations, really like tomorrow. And that's what we're losing on. I don't mind the argument and I don't think it's a tragedy that it takes an extra day or two or three to get a Speaker of the United States. I'm totally fine with that, but I am encouraged by the amount of outpouring of support for who should be Speaker and who shouldn't be. It's really impressive to see.

HENRY: Well, I want to bring everybody else into the conversation. But as a reporter, I got to jump in and maybe be a little difficult and say, that's a great answer, but I didn't hear a name. So who does Kash Patel, respectfully, I will say, who does Kash Patel want to be Speaker of the House? Is it Kevin McCarthy or give me a name. Give me a name.

PATEL: Donald Trump, obviously. I mean, I'm super biased on that one, but I don't know – I don't know if that's realistic. I always when I do these interviews, I always say, okay, we need to have a realistic conversation. You know, I've talked with the president numerous times, but a realistic name that's been floated out there, if it's not Kevin McCarthy I've heard is Lee Zeldin. I served with him when I was running Russiagate investigation. I know Kevin. I know all these guys. People have talked about Jim Jordan. These are great leaders. My problem is if we take this for too long of a ride, then we might overplay our hand. Right now, I'm okay where it's at and I'm okay with the multiple rounds of Speakership. But here's the thing. If Kevin McCarthy can't go out and negotiate the concessions to land this plane, then he shouldn't be Speaker of the House. It's that simple. If you can't go out there and demand and command a Republican caucus, then it's going to be it's not going to be your job to happen. Right now, there's five votes outstanding that have sworn up and down that they will not vote for Kevin McCarthy. And I don't know how he currently surmounts that hurdle unless he gives them the concessions that they want.