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Jim Jordan is racking up right-wing media endorsements for his House speaker campaign

Jim Jordan’s run for speaker of the House is heavily backed by right-wing media figures. Earlier in the week, media figures floated the idea of Donald Trump as speaker, and now media figures are coalescing around Jordan as a realistic option. Trump also officially endorsed Jordan Friday night.

Though Jordan and Steve Scalise are in a tight race for GOP representative endorsements, it’s clear that Jordan is winning the backing of conservative media.

    • Fox host Sean Hannity officially backed Jordan, stating on his evening show: “Jim Jordan has now thrown his hat in the ring, and I'll be very upfront. Jim Jordan is my choice to be the next speaker of the House.” [Media Matters, 10/4/23]
    • After claiming on his podcast “I think the speaker should be Donald Trump because that is the funniest of all options.”, Michael Knowles has since posted that “@Jim_Jordan has my full support in his bid for Speaker.” [Twitter/X, 10/4/23]
    • Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk endorsed Jordan on his daily show, calling him “by far the most conservative” choice for speaker. Kirk also posted, “Jim Jordan is already checking a lot of boxes. … Jim Jordan for House Speaker.” Kirk posted later, “Jim Jordan for Speaker. Lets get it done.” [Salem Media Group, The Charlie Kirk Show, 10/5/23; Twitter/X, 10/4/23, 10/5/23]
    • Mark Levin backed Jordan on his radio show, stating that “Jim Jordan should be the next speaker” and praising him for being loyal to McCarthy. Levin also posted: “Jim Jordan issued a very compelling letter yesterday for why he wants to be Speaker.  I believe Jordan would be the best choice and I wholeheartedly endorse him.” [Westwood One, The Mark Levin Show, 10/6/23; Twitter, 10/5/23]
    • OutKick’s Clay Travis posted “You have my support. @Jim_Jordan should be the choice as next house speaker. Let’s end the chaos, put a fighter in the office, and get back to holding Joe Biden accountable for the worst presidency in any of our lives.” [Twitter/X, 10/4/23]
    • Fox contributor Leo Terrell posted his support for Jordan. Terrell also posted, “America, @Jim_Jordan is running for Speaker of the House. Jim is a Trump's Supporter. I support @Jim_Jordan for Speaker!” [Twitter/X, 10/4/23, 10/4/23]
    • Trump co-defendant and radio host Jenna Ellis tweeted, “I 100% support @Jim_Jordan for Speaker. LET’S DO THIS 👏👏👏” [Media Matters, 8/30/23; Twitter/X, 10/4/23]
    • TPUSA’s Benny Johnson gave his full endorsement for Jordan, stating: “I love Jim Jordan. He’s a friend of the show. … I am officially endorsing Jim Johnson.” [The Benny Show, 10/6/23]