Competitive Enterprise Institute's Myron Ebell: “I'd Like To See A Lot More Funding” From Big Coal

Environmental Defense Fund's Jeremy Symons Confronts Ebell On CEI's Funding From Coal Company Murray Energy

From the August 5 edition of CSPAN's Washington Journal:

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JEREMY SYMONS: When we align the markets, when we'll set the goals, American ingenuity can get it done and I believe in that future and I know your companies don't believe in that future. But I think the public are the ones that hang in the balance, and they're the ones that stand to benefit from this rule.

MYRON EBELL: I don't represent companies. And--

SYMONS: Wasn't Murray Energy the biggest sponsor of your--

EBELL: I would like to see our budget get closer to your budget at Environmental Defense Fund. Ours is $6 million a year, I think yours is over $100 million a year.

SYMONS: Isn't Murray Energy your biggest funder of your dinner? They're the biggest coal company in the United States for underground mining.

EBELL: I'd like to see a lot more funding from all of those companies, but unfortunately many of the coal companies are now going bankrupt. But look, the point is--

SYMONS: You said you don't represent the companies but you want more money from the companies?

EBELL: I would like to have more funding so that I can combat the nonsense put out by the environmental movement.

SYMONS: Well we do appreciate our million members supporting Environmental Defense Fund.


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