Watch Jake Tapper explain to a Republican senator that even “skinny repeal” means less Americans insured

Tapper: Skinny repeal “would mean people being removed from the insurance pool”

From the July 26 edition of CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper:

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): Let's talk about the measure that Republicans are calling “skinny repeal”, because it would be a relatively brief amendment. It would get rid of the both the employer and the individual mandate and also get rid of the medical device tax. Wouldn't that measure, if it were signed into law, hurt insurance markets and cause premiums for those who have insurance to go up? Because obviously it would mean people being removed from the insurance pool. 

JOHN THUNE (R-SD): Well, what you would have, the individual mandate is I think the thing that people find most objectionable about Obamacare, and that is that they have to buy a product that in many cases they don’t want and can't afford. So repealing the individual mandate is something on which I think were there is pretty broad agreement. There might even be some Democrat support for that before this is all said and done.


TAPPER: But the “skinny repeal” would also take away the employer mandate also, which means that individuals in businesses of a certain size have to provide health insurance. So it’s not just the individuals who can’t afford it necessarily being forced to, it’s saying to employers they don’t have to provide it.


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