Right After One CNN Analyst Debunked Trump, Another Pushed More Economic Misinformation

Christine Romans’ Dismantling Of Trump Was Followed By Stephen Moore Pushing Right-Wing Myths About The Economy

CNN chief business correspondent Christine Romans took President Donald Trump up on his February 28 plea before a joint session of Congress to “honestly acknowledge” the economic circumstances he “inherited” from his predecessor. In response to his claim that 94 million Americans currently being “out of the labor force” is problematic, Romans pointed out that the vast majority of those people either cannot work or prefer not to work. She chided the president for “exaggerat[ing] weakness in the labor market,” and noted that “in many cases” the supposed job creation Trump has taken credit for since his election was “part of previously announced plans.”

CNN then turned to discredited pundit Stephen Moore -- the network’s new “senior economics analyst” -- to spread the kind of pro-Trump misinformation you expect to see at Fox News. Moore suggested that an increase in the number of Americans receiving Social Security Disability Insurance stems from able-bodied people defrauding the system rather than working and he complained that the so-called “real unemployment rate” is higher than official measurements -- a myth popularized by Moore’s former network. From the March 1 edition of CNN’s Wolf:

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