Pro-Trump CNN contributor goes on racist rant about “inner city” schools

Stephen Moore: “I have been to those schools and I have seen kids beaten up by other Black students”

From the December 18 edition of CNN's Erin Burnett Outfront:

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STEPHEN MOORE (CNN ECONOMIC ANALYST): I wonder if there's any American who really believes that the problem with our government schools today is that there's too little discipline. I mean, Van, I got to say, I'm disappointed in you. I have great respect for you, but the problem is, you know, I've been to a lot of these public inner-city high schools in places like Detroit, or my hometown of Chicago, or Washington, D.C., and you go into these schools and you see the utter chaos that goes on. The shouting, and shoving, and swearing, and fighting in the halls, and then you go down the street to the Catholic high school that's really a block away, and you can hear a pin drop in those schools and there's learning going on. The issue for minorities, Van, as you know, is that these kids are not learning. We're -- it's almost like educational -- 

ERIN BURNETT (HOST): Steve, what about Van's point? Can I just jump in here because I want to show, because this policy went into place in 2014, and the Trump administration wants to roll it back. They explicitly are doing so in the context of investigating Parkland, right, a school shooting and they're saying, we'll get less violence, okay, if we do this. So, we went back and looked, shootings since 2014, school shootings, right, when Obama put the policy in place, all but one of the shooters -- or alleged shooters are white. So you tell me how changing the minority discipline issue is going to stop school shootings?

MOORE: Maybe not school shooting, but you know, I have been to some of these schools -- 

VAN JONES (CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR): Listen -- You've had your turn. You've had your turn. I get a chance to respond, Steve. 

MOORE: I have been to those schools and I have seen kids beaten up by other Black students. These are Blacks fighting other Black students and -- 

JONES: If you want to take your time to attack Black people, go ahead. When you get finished though, I want to talk about the actual issue. When you get finished I want to talk about the actual issue. You want to take your time to talk about these schools, but here's the problem that we have: We have kids who are going to schools that do have big problems, and what's happening is we're making those problems worse by pushing kids out of the schools into the prison system when some of those kids could and should be saved, and we actually work harder to save the white kids who get in trouble than the Black kids, and that's wrong. These are two separate issues. 


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