Pro-Trump CNN commentator: “There is evidence of widespread voter fraud”

Steve Cortes: “I do know this, illegals do vote, clearly”

From the May 15 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): If you refuse to apologize about this, I mean, it's -- and you lie about little things, what about -- what about the bigger things?

STEVE CORTES: Hold on, you can't just throw the “lie” in there. And by the way, I hear this all the time --

COOPER: Well, “millions -- millions of illegal immigrants voted in California and that's why Hillary Clinton won the popular vote” --

CORTES: Okay, well, I mean, if you want to dig into that, there is evidence of widespread voter fraud, there is --

COOPER: Oh -- wait a minute, really?



CORTES: I do know this, illegals do vote, clearly. They self report that they do.


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