NPR's Nina Totenberg Rebuts Conservative Claims That SCOTUS Nominee Merrick Garland Is Anti-Gun

Totenberg: “You Really Can't Tell” What His View On Guns Is After Heller Decision And Conservative Media Are “Stretching The Truth” To Say He's Anti-Gun

From the March 20 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources:

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BRIAN STELTER (HOST): First to this issue about the Second Amendment. What is the truth about Garland's stand on the famous Heller case?

NINA TOTENBERG: Well you really can't tell. You can tell what his view was before Heller, and then you have to wait and see what his view would be if he were confirmed to a Supreme Court seat after Heller.

STELTER: So when conservative media outlets say that he's anti-gun, are they stretching the truth?

TOTENBERG: I think that perhaps that's stretching the truth. But the point is that lower court judges -- and that's what he is -- are bound to follow what the Supreme Court says, and prior to Heller, the Supreme Court had basically said there is no individual right to own a gun. After Heller, there is an individual right to own a gun. And then the question is how much of a right? I mean, how much can the state regulate it? And, you'd have to ask him questions actually in a confirmation hearing.


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